Тест Elementary

Вы проходите тест на уровень Elementary — элементарный либо базовый уровень.

1. Anna and Kate to the cinema last Sunday.

didn’t went don’t go didn’t go

2. I had breakfast ago.

this morning three hours 7.30 a.m.

3. When you last tennis?

did/play do/play did/played

4. you like coffee?

Do/any Are/some Would/some

5. There isn’t milk in the fridge.

many much a

6. Have you got brothers?

some any the

7. The buildings in Venice are the buildings in New York.

older than more older than much old than

8. Vienna is city in Austria.

the most beautiful the beautiful lest more beautiful than

9. This restaurant is very, very good. It's restaurant in London.

the better the good the best

10. I a jumper and a jacket because it's cold today.

wear 's wearing 'm wearing

11. Jim today?

Do / work Is / working Does / works

12. Look, it's very cloudy. It .

's going to rain rainy raining

13. When Polly with her friend in Madrid?

does / going to stay — / is going to stay is / going to stay

14. I'm going to Egypt the pyramids.

seeing to see going to see

15. did you buy your jacket? At a shop in town.

When Why Where

16. 'How much did you pay for your book?

£8.50 Hewitt's Bookshop To read some Shakespeare

17. you ever Mexican food?

Have / eat Have / ate Have / eaten

18. Olivia to Rome.

has never been has ever been hasn't never been

19. I've met Robbie Williams. When ?

have you met did you met him did you meet him

20. Raquel and James have had a baby.

yet just ever

21. Has Nigel cooked dinner ?

yet ever just

22. 's the weather like in Mexico City?

Low What Which

23. My grandmother started work 1960.

in by on

24. It's snowy — please drive .

carefully easily careful

25. Let's go for a swim.

quick badly well